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Championships Information

SURVA Regional Championship Schedule

SURVA Region Championships Results Updated click here

The Region Championships Tournament will be held at the Albuquerque Convention Center on April 26 & 27, 2014. Rules and Protocols are listed at the bottom of the page.

Any Sun Country team that participates in at least one of the four bid qualifiers is eligible to compete for the Region Championships but you must participate in at least two bid qualifiers to compete for the age group bid to Nationals.

Registration for the Region Championship will be through the Sun Country Tournament Entry Page

Competing for the Sun Country National Bids

Teams wishing to earn one of the seven age group automatic Region Bids to the USAV Girls Nationals in Columbus that are awarded at the Region Championships MUST, in addition to the attendance requirements, register through AES.

The necessary paperwork is explained here:

Checklist for Competing for Region Bids to Nationals


  1. Participation in at least two Bid Qualifiers

  2. Enter Region Championships on Tournament Registration button on Sun Country Website

  3. Register for USAV Girls Championships through AES.

The Championships will be divided into two tournaments. The Club Championship and the Bid Championship.

The Club Championship will be competed by Divisions. The Club Championship is for any team that has competed in at least ONE Bid qualifier and does not wish to compete for the Region Bid to Nationals Nationals.

The Bid Championship will be age group specific with a Champion in each age (18,17,16,15,14,13 & 12). Ther Bid Championship is for teams that have attended at least TWO bid qualifiers, registered for Nationals through AES and wishes to compete for the Region Bid to Nationals. The highest finishing team  will be awarded the Region Bid to Girls Nationals. Allocation bids will be awarded to the next highest team in procession.

Since our Region bids to Girls Nationals will be awarded at this tournament the Sun Country rule modifications will not be used. There will be no allowance for illegal uniforms. There can be no incomplete teams. All coaches must show Impact certification.


Championship Hotels and Rates

Hi Everyone,

We have several hotel contracts and I have attached the list with specifics of what each is offering in the way of free breakfast and parking. Most have free wifi but you’ll need to check with the hotel. There are many price ranges so please check the list so you can make the easiest and most economical choice for your club. Those of you that have already reserved rooms please make sure you have been added to our blocks or change you reservations to take advantage of the lower entry fee.

Any teams staying at our preferred hotels in our blocks will be given a $50 reduced entry fee per team. So be sure that you notify the hotel that you are in our block. There are also cutoff dates to allow the hotels time to rent unwanted rooms-so make your reservations early before the blocks are filled. Also be aware that it is Pow Wow weekend and extra rooms will be filled quickly.

All local teams and travel teams outside our block will pay the full entry fee of $400. We need as many staying in our blocks as possible to provide negotiating leverage with the Albuquerque Convention Center and the Tourist and Visitor’s Bureau to keep the rent cheap enough for us to continue to use the facility. Rather than requiring a stay to play policy we are asking for your help in making sure we can offer them the necessary information on economic impact and attendance.

The entry fees are now up on our website. Local teams and travelling teams not staying in our blocks will enter the Championships for $400 and teams within our preferred blocks will enter for $350.

We are adding at least two more courts to the layout and maybe three for total of 19 and also a kid’s court in the expanded vendor area. We have acquired the main ballroom area for more vendors and we are planning some more perks for coaches and fun for the family and kids.


  1. To be eligible to participate in the Region Championships you MUST compete in at least ONE Sun Country Bid Qualifier.
  2. To be eligible to compete for the Region Bids to Nationals you MUST compete in at least TWO Sun Country Bid Qualifiers.

Thanks, Mark

Click here to see Sun Country Championship Hotels and Rates